We drive digital revolution by building powerful cloud-native solutions.

OnGraph Technologies is a digital services provider with 14 years of expertise in Web and Mobile app development. Our experts have delivered the most effective AI-driven solutions to let businesses assist their customers in the best way possible. Be it Enterprise Application or Consumer Application. With over a decade of empirical understanding, we specialize in strategy implementation, faster development, and deployment of web and mobile applications for global clients.

Furthermore, we have set standards and a strong foundation to make use of the world’s most disruptive services – AI, IoT, ML, and DevOps in the most effective ways.

Accelerate digital transformation

Modernize your applications and infrastructure while also optimizing and integrating cloud solutions and data intelligence within your ecosystem. Transform how you build new products, develop new skills, and manage capex while also alleviating the risk of the platform. Make sure that your systems are supported by a resilient, secure, well-optimized and scalable infrastructure.

With world-class technical and industry expertise, our implementation and advisory services help you unravel maximum value across data, technology, and operations to accelerate your eccentric digital transformation. Our highly experienced engineers are backed by roadmaps, tools, accelerators, and architectures that have been developed over decades of experience helping thousands of customers worldwide. Read More

Convert into a catalyst for your business and redefine your transformation strategy by leveraging modern technologies, advanced analytics, intelligent automation, and new ways to drive enhanced agility as well as end-user experience. Co-create with our digital transformation experts to reduce complexity and capex.

Our end-to-end solutions to trigger cloud and agile culture

Cloud migration

Transition smoothly from data-center to cloud or on-premise to cloud securely while minimizing risk & costs and enhancing visibility in real-time.

Cloud native development

Empower modern application development using technologies such as serverless functions, APIs, Kubernetes, Docker, and Kafka.

Data strategy & engineering

Build production-grade replayable and independent data workflow pipelines to move, transform and store data using various legacy, Big Data and / or cloud Orchestration.

Digital transformation

Get your IT organization to move fast by establishing team processes like DevOps and data intelligence to support continuous software releases.

Site reliability engineering and chaos engineering

Adapt classical software testing techniques to systems at scale by analyzing data provided by monitoring historic system behavior and by making predictions from data about past system behavior.

Embrace agile delivery approach

Want to actually power your digital transformation? Adopting an agile culture and delivery approach is the solution. If you are looking forward to increasing your relevance and value in a competitive marketplace, you must embrace agile digital business solutions to enhance customer experiences and thus drive future growth.

Agile development enables organizations to quickly respond to change.Thus, guiding companies to adopt agile is key to our digital transformation consulting services. We implant the culture and behaviors fostering iterative development, cross-functional collaboration, and a modern approach to learning – one that lets people adapt and thus innovate at digital speed. We exhibit organizations how to deploy agile throughout the ecosystem. As part of our digital transformation solutions, we help organizations to innovate and thus deliver more effectively – converting market disruptions to competitive advantage.

Industries we serve

Our extensive experience allows us to serve businesses of all types and sizes and diverse industries like We have created many powerful websites with excellent design elements and brought visions to life in the past, we can do the same for your business as well. Based on your ROI expectations and goals, we offer cost-effective website development services that will redefine your business.

Management Services

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