About Us

OnGraph.AI is your digital partner to help you transform your business with DevOps and AI solutions! With a team of highly skilled and well-experienced individuals, we build agile solutions to help enterprises achieve their peak digital transformation. Harness the right expertise and economics so as to solve your most critical IT challenges and figure out the next step for your evolving business. Having innovation at the heart of the business culture, OnGraph.AI makes the most of Quality Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and DevOps practices to transform businesses digitally as well as strategically. Over the years, we have achieved a great reputation for helping enterprises do business better, smarter and faster than ever before.


The primary focus of OnGraph was digital engagement! With OnGraph.AI, we realized there’s so much more to what we can offer our clients so that they get the most out of their software. OnGraph.AI brings a new approach to better reflect the manner in which we aid our clients succeed. We will be actively adding new features and functionalities designed to help optimize your software utilization as well as enhance your productivity.


OnGraph.AI is formed with an objective to make Quality Engineering and Quality Intelligence a reality so as to deliver future-ready applications that can successfully serve the ever-increasing velocity, variety, and volume that is expected from businesses of today’s era. Our goal is to advance the way people work and live!

Meet our team

We at OnGraph strongly believe only a dedicated, well-coordinated, and experienced team can understand the problem and create outstanding solutions for you. Our organization is enthusiastic about what we do, and it shows in all our work.

Ankur Jain CTO

Ankur is shaping OG2.0 market strategy, leading AI/ML/DevOPs functional units and providing technology mentorship across all business units.

Wasim Akhtar Khan VP - Engineering

Wasim leads the OnGraph Web Team. His specializations are Grails , Groovy, Java, Hibernate, Spring. In the last 12 years Wasim has delivered outstanding performance.

Nikhil Kumar Verma VP - Business Development

Nikhil has established a multi-member “Business Development” team wonderfully over the years. Formulating strategies with top management and getting them executed through the team is his superpower.

Tanul Jain Team Lead - DevOps

Known for his defect-free deliveries, Tanul has decades of expertise in SRE practices and leads the DevOps team at OnGraph.

Our reviews

Top Mobile and Web Development Company in 2018 with 4.7/5 ratings

4/5 star for the work environment and learning opportunities pr

We made 5/5 star for quality, reliability, ability and overall

We earned 3.9 stars, 94% recommended and 92% Approve of CEO

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